Delaware Tree Service

Do you have trees that need trimmed or pruned and one that needs removed?

Call Affordable Tree Service & Stump Removal Contractor in Delaware today to have us come out and help you. Family owned and operated, we specialize in the removal of dangerous and difficult trees. You can trust us with the proper care of your trees.

Covering everything from storm damage cleanup to trimming and pruning, our experienced professionals have the tools and knowledge you need to keep your lard looking good. Keeping your family safe after storm damage.

You can rely on our 24-hour emergency tree service after a big storm. We can clean everything up and send it through our wood chipper to get rid of it. If your other estimates are too high – call Affordable Tree Service & Stump Removal

We have the skills and finesse to work on the large trees that similar services simply can’t handle. 

You’ll find this willingness and attention to detail present in other aspects of our service too: our friendly and courteous customer service, our unparalleled communication and our prompt, efficient work. 

We offer free estimates and a guarantee that you’ll be delighted with our services, however big or small, and that you’ll find we leave your property much cleaner and aesthetically pleasing than we found it. 

Our comprehensive maintenance, removal and landscaping services include: 

Delaware Tree removal: Tree removal is often necessary for reasons of safety or construction, particularly if the root zone has already been interrupted. We remove trees efficiently, safely and carefully to prevent future problems and to restore the ground to its former usability.

Delaware Tree topping (lateral reduction): In those cases where it won’t encourage sun scald and dangerous decay, tree topping can be a useful practice, providing better safety, better aesthetics, less shade or even, in some cases, stimulation of new growth in the tree.

Delaware Stump removal and grinding: We offer the safest and most thorough stump removal and root and stump grinding in Hamilton Township, NJ, and we guarantee we’ll leave your property looking much better than we found it.

Tree maintenance and landscaping: Often overlooked by home- or commercial property-owners, tree maintenance is a crucial step in landscape care and disaster prevention. We offer pruning, topping, shaping 

Serving all of Delaware: Wilmington, Newark, Middletown, Bear, Dover and more